How does monitoring work?

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  • Enrichment monitoring - how does it work?

The following elements are monitored when enrichment monitoring is included in the license and activated: Address, activity, managers and UBO's.

Whenever there is new information, you will receive a notification and the new data replaces the old data, so there is no need to re-run an enrichment to see new data.

Please note that if there is a new manager or UBO, you will see the new manager/UBO appear, but he/she will only be screened automatically if screening monitoring is included in the license, otherwise you will need to re-run a screening.

  • Screening monitoring – how does it work?

When a company has been enriched and screened, monitoring can be activated. Subsequently, all the data related to that company (UBOs, Managers, shareholders), will be put under monitoring on the screening partner’s side. Meaning that these elements will be monitored against the scope of your screening settings (sanctions, PEP's and/or Adverse media).

  • Where do I turn on the monitoring?

To turn on the alerting system, go in the Portfolio, select on the right-side DUNS, and click on “Monitor”. When monitoring is activated for a DUNS, you will see a binocular icon in the Alert column.

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