How is the usage counted?

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  • D&B enrichment

Whenever you ask for an enrichment, it will be counted (after a search by clicking “enrich” or “start the Due Diligence”, or in the portfolio on “Enrich data” or “Run a due diligence”).

Example: your contract allows 5 000 DUNS. You have uploaded in your Portfolio and enriched 4 000 DUNS, then throughout the year you have manually added 500 DUNS, and on the DUNS in your portfolio, you have re-run enrichment on 500 DUNS. Therefore, you have used all the DUNS in your contract, the following DUNS that you will enrich will be counted as over usage.

  • D&B monitoring

All the DUNS that are under monitoring throughout the year will be counted as monitoring. Therefore, all DUNS that are present in your portfolio and under monitoring at the day of renewal will be counted, as well as new DUNS added during the year.

  • Dow Jones

For the screening part, the system will count licenses. The number of licenses allowed is according to your contract. In case you need more licenses, please contact your Account Manager.

For Dow Jones’ monitoring, DUNS will be counted the same way as up above (D&B monitoring).

  • Acuris

All the DUNS that have been sent to screening will be counted.

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