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What is the Paydex/Payment Score?
What is the Paydex/Payment Score?

We explain what the Paydex also called Payment Score represents and how we come to this number.

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About the Paydex

The D&B Payment Score, or Paydex, is a relative measurement of a company’s payment capacity and indicates the pace on which it pays its invoices.

The payment score is expressed in values from 1 (lowest score) to 100 (highest score). A score of 80 may thus be considered optimal, as this score shows that invoices are on average being paid within term.

A payment score under 80 equals an average delay and scores above 80 equal payments fulfilled faster than due (e.g. to obtain discounts).


The payment experiences D&B daily receives from independent companies via the Dun-Trade® programme, are basis for the D&B Payment Score.

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