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You have limited information on my company. How can I elaborate?
You have limited information on my company. How can I elaborate?

We explain how to send in a request for processing additional data about your company.

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Additional Information

Should you want to provide Dun & Bradstreet with complementary information, you can send us a request per email to process and register within our products. Be aware that Dun & Bradstreet only processes data when every relevant demand has been fulfilled.


If you want to provide D&B with a complementary bill of profit and loss, the referral period should correspond with the fiscal year of the most recent balance deposited with the CoC In addition, it should be stated clearly that you have the authority to act on behalf of the company. In this case, the additional figures must be recorded and validated/audited by your accountant or administration (both records and validation/audition by your accountant or administration must show in the pieces provided).

As soon as data have been analyzed and registered in D&B products, this information will be available for all Dun & Bradstreet customers requesting it.

Beware! We do not process quarterly figures or any other interim financial reports, only the annual returns.

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