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How Do I Search for and Monitor a Company?
How Do I Search for and Monitor a Company?
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Welcome to our step-by-step video guide on how to find and track a company in D&B Finance Analytics. This demonstration includes the following steps:

  1. Company search: Find a company via the quick, normal or advanced search option;

  2. Unlock report: Gain access to the selected company report;

  3. Print, email and export: Explore different functionalities to save or share a customized business report;

  4. Add to portfolio: Save a company to the portfolio to monitor a company and receive alerts;

  5. Save to folder: Save a company to a folder for a segmented portfolio;

  6. D&B Live Reports: Navigate to the D&B Live Reports section for the most up-to-date scores;

  7. Export portfolio list: Create a customized export file with data and scores of the companies in the portfolio;

  8. Link alert profile: Link an alert profile to the portfolio to receive alerts;

  9. Create alert profile: Create an alert profile to link it to the entire portfolio or a selection of companies;

  10. Portfolio insight: Estimate risks by analyzing the companies in the portfolio via portfolio insight.

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