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Welcome to our explainer video on D&B's data and scores. This video focuses on the following aspects:

  1. D-U-N-S® number: What is the crucial role of the D-U-N-S® number?

  2. D-U-N-S® Right™ Quality Process: How is the data collected and processed?

  3. Duntrade Program: What are the benefits of the Duntrade program?

  4. Scores and ratings: How do you interpret relevant scores and ratings in D&B Finance Analytics Advantage?

With these valuable insights, you will be optimally prepared to read and interpret reports within D&B Finance Analytics Advantage. This ensures a more informed and strategic approach to your financial insights.

Let's discover together how you can take your risk management to the next level and make informed decisions with D&B's data and scores.

Ready to get the maximum results from D&B Finance Analytics Advantage? Continue your journey and discover all the useful videos and articles on our dedicated support page.

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