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How Do I Use the Workspace Library?
How Do I Use the Workspace Library?
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Welcome to our step-by-step video guide on how to navigate through the workspace library in D&B Finance Analytics. This demonstration includes the following steps:

  1. Folders: Categorise and manage companies in the portfolio by creating folders;

  2. Alert profiles: Monitor changes to a company by linking an alert profile to the entire portfolio or a specific folder;

  3. D&B Live Reports: Access up-to-date data of companies in the portfolio through D&B Live Reports;

  4. Filters: Narrow your data set by filtering on various criteria, such as country and folders;

  5. Export: Export all or specific data of portfolio companies;

  6. Table settings: Customise variables for columns and future exports;

  7. My exports: Gain access to exported data from the last seven days;

  8. Snapshots: Review saved static report snapshots;

  9. All companies: Get an overview of all companies in the portfolio;

  10. US public records: Search for relevant public records (US only);

  11. Investigations: View pending and completed investigations;

  12. History: Look over a comprehensive list of all companies consulted in D&B Finance Analytics.

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Ready for the next step? Continue your journey in D&B Finance Analytics and watch the follow-up demonstration video on how to create and manage an alert profile.

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