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How can I monitor companies using D&B Credit?
How can I monitor companies using D&B Credit?

In this article we explain how to place a company in the D&B Credit portfolio

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By placing companies in the D&B Credit portfolio, you can analyze companies and receive alerts when important changes occur. There are two ways to place companies in the portfolio: Via the D&B Credit report, or by importing a file into D&B Credit.

For the first option, open the D&B Credit report of the company you want to monitor, then click on 'Follow this company'. You will then also be given the option to add one or more tags to the company, this is also possible at a later time.

If you want to use the second option, learn how to import a file into D&B Credit in this video. This is interesting if you want to place many companies in monitoring at the same time.

If you want to learn how to set up tags and alerts for companies in your portfolio, watch this video.

Tip: Take a look under the menu item 'Portfolio'. When you have companies in your portfolio, the dashboard offers interesting insights. Here you can also filter on a certain segment of your portfolio and analyze it separately.

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